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The Bistro chair celebrates its 125th anniversary

The Bistro chair, a classic cafes and terraces of the world is 125 years old and still as fresh as the first day it came out. Sure that you have seen in countless places, although perhaps not only knew you by your first name. Name that according to several theories, comes from the Russian word "бистро" meaning fast and worn by Russian soldiers (during the Russian occupation of Paris in 1815) to get served them quickly in Parisian bars. Curiously, his name is not what catches our attention, the really funny thing is that the design of this chair has remained virtually unchanged for over a century.

The first folding chair Bistro first built in the late XIX (1889) century, and from the first time became the preferred seat outdoor cafes along the Seine, you could pick one moment and folded occupied little space. It was an immediate success and its use soon spread worldwide.

Today, this little chair can be found in countless terraces and gardens of the houses half the world. And although in recent years there have been some technical improvements to the model, the original chair has changed little retains its iconic shape.

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From Bistro are designed many other variants, including various types of tables to accompany the chair, but all meet the same lines. Today we can see from comfortable chairs to light stools through models in which wood and metal are combined. Are also designed chairs Bistro as the smallest and also has given him plenty of lively colors.

Today is Fermob French firm which has inherited this icon exclusive interior design and early this July wanted to celebrate in style the 125th anniversary of its creation, linking Bistro with another icon of the French capital: Eiffel tower. To do this, he built a reproduction with 324 red chairs (remembering the 324 meter measures the Eiffel Tower) on the grounds of "Champs de Mars". It is without doubt a decent chair to take home and a chair to keep reminding at least for 125 years.

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